I’ve always loved the subtle, unpretentious, yet haunting charm of Irish traditional music; the way it can sweep you off your feet and transport you to another time and place.

The stories and the destinies of ordinary people woven into the warp of the songs produce beautifully ornate lyrical tapestries, which can be both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally uplifting. This music has always provided Irish emigrants with a link to the ‘old country’, and when I moved out to Austria, it was inevitable that I too would immerse myself in the sounds of my home.


In the early 90s, Sepp and I busked all over Vienna and eventually decided that it was time to start gigging in pubs and cafes. What subsequently evolved out of this partnership was a band called Gobshite, which, after a bit more addition and subtraction, ultimately emerged as BOXTY.


I hope that you enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy playing it.